Young consumers lead a growing interest in self-service payments

Welcome to Secure Bill Pay’s video blog. Today we’ll be discussing how shoppers would rather use self-service checkouts than interact with a cashier.

According to a recent industry study, 85 percent of shoppers have used a self-service kiosk before. Ninety-one percent of millennial shoppers have used one before, while 81 percent of those aged 35 and older have done the same.

While kiosks seem to be increasing in popularity, it should be noted that 4 in 10 respondents said although kiosks are convenient, they could be better. In fact, 43 percent said they often need help from an associate when using a self-service checkout machine.

Ease of use is the No. 1 reason why nearly half of respondents said they wanted self-service kiosks at every store. With a majority of consumers wanting to use kiosks to check out, it’s time the health care industry followed suit. Kiosks can create an easier registration process for patients and improve self-service check-ins because of their inherent security features.

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