Why Properties Prefer Luxer One

Call (415) 390-0123 or email info@luxerone.com and we’ll show you how Luxer One can completely solve the package management problem for residential properties! Our two solutions, Luxer Lockers & Luxer Room, serve properties of every size and budget. http://luxerone.com/


Luxer One is designed to solve apartment buildings’ package management problems entirely, down to the last detail.

Sometimes, a package is oversized or oddly shaped, so we designed the first-ever oversized locker, which accepts the maximum size parcel that carriers will deliver. So if Fedex, UPS, DHL, or USPS is willing ship it, then Luxer One will accept it. That makes Luxer One the only package locker system that accepts 100% of packages.

The locker system is ultra secure by itself, but paired with 24/7 video and audio surveillance, properties are able to see exactly what happens with residents’ packages, so nothing goes missing or stolen.

Plus, the easy-to-use Luxer One software has unique features in it, too. Perhaps a new resident name isn’t yet listed in the system? Luxer One will still accept that package, (where other systems might mark it as undeliverable).

Or maybe you don’t have space for a locker system at all? Our software can also work as an automated door lock, so you can have the same Luxer One controlled-access experience with your package closet or storage room.

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