Super Busy RainbowBrush Kiosk at Sawgrass Mall, Florida.MOV

Look at the video! What it tells you? If you are looking for a successful hottest educational line with low cost franchise under 00 to sell through airport kiosk, shopping mall, or in any other kiosk or cart business then look no further!

Open your own RainbowBrush Franchise with Kiosk/cart today! Build a career with the world’s first patented Rainbow Art hands-on learning tools for home and school activity enrichment program. RainbowBrush has a proven track record and a global presence successfully now selling over 27 countries worldwide.

As a franchisee, you’ll have continual access to resources that can help you establish and grow your RainbowBrush Franchise.

If you are an enterprising individual interested in starting your own business and contributing to the community, shopping mall, airport kiosk or cart, RainbowBrush is the perfect opportunity. The video shows how much people, kids love Rainbow Art products at one of our kiosk at the shopping mall.

Take your first step toward your future with RainbowBrush! Please visit our web site for more info to find out how you can become our franchise owner.

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