Restaurant POS System Singapore | Self Service Point Of Sale Kiosk

Restaurant POS System Singapore

Is service staff shortage a problem at your restaurant or F&B outlet ?

Poor response time to serve your customers may result in customer dissatisfaction.

Unhappy customers do not return and it means lost future revenue.

Consider using an automated restaurant ordering system to overcome staff shortage problem.

Creating a digital menu on an iPad allows your customers to place orders on their own.

The touch screen is intuitive for customers to navigate and make their selection on the iPad eMenu.

This wireless ordering system can be used anywhere in your restaurant and customer’s orders automatically and immediately sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Customer’s need not wait for a service staff to record their orders.

Payment processing can also be integrated and the iPad becomes a mobile POS terminal.

Customers can pay quickly at their table and overall table turn is improved.

Another automation that can be done is to setup self service ordering and payment kiosks.

These are great for small F&B outlets with very few staff.

To find out more about food ordering and pos systems for restaurants, contact us.

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