Petrol Station Construction

Filling Station Construction – Petrol

Day 1

Secure the working area
Gas Freeing of tanks
Distmanling of pumps and cash registers

Day 2

Disconnection of electricity, water, communication and natural gas lines
Distmanling of armatures and fixtures
Removing of underground gas tanks

Day 3

Excavation of Tank Pit
Send away the tanks
Removing of Canopy

Day 4

Construction of Tank Pit

Day 5

Installation of new tanks and piping connections

Day 6

Pre-assembly of canopy columns
Observation Well Drilling

Day 7

Installation of new tanks and piping connections
Pouring Concrete for Canopy Columns

Day 8

Leveling of site

Day 10-14

Installation of canopy columns
Installation of canopy

Day 16

Trench excavation and sand bedding

Day 16

Pump/Fuel Dispenser base plate installation
Installation of overtank sumps

Day 17

Underground piping installation
Conduit installation

Day 18

Piping works of fill lines
Underground piping works of fuel lines

Day 19

Installation of vents

Day 20

Trench construction of entrance and exit ways/gates
Sand bedding of piping and close out
Testing of fuel pipe line

Day 21

Leveling of site prior to concrete pouring

Day 22-25
Concrete pouring of site

Day 26

Installation of LPG pipe line

Day 27
Completion of Canopy
Cladding works of building
Installation of gratings

Day 28

Lighting works of canopy
Landscaping works

Day 29

Pump/Fuel dispenser island construction
Cash register cable pulling

Day 30

Fuel dispensers installation
Lanscaping and site cleaning

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