Multi Zone Corporate Communications (AdSlide Digital Signage)

This digital signage solution for corporate communications can be strategically placed in your building lobbies, break rooms, conference rooms and other high traffic locations to ensure your notifications, meeting times and important internal bulletins are seen. You can choose from over 17+ immersive features plus an unlimited combination of distinctive corporate communications media zones for featuring:

• Your companies meetings
• Important news and updates
• Conference room availability
• Messages from the president
• Employee of the month
• Mission statement
• Monthly sales goals
• Daily corporate announcements
• HR notices

Meeting and Events Listings Management

Announcing, updating and managing your calendar based events is a breeze.

• We will seamlessly integrate your Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar with the system for automated updates.
• When your schedule updates so will the listing on the digital sign.

What’s Included?

You will receive an out-of-the-box ready to use corporate communications digital signage solution. It will ship preloaded with your custom content, software, and media player.
Tell us the features you need then we’ll custom develop, test and set up everything for you. You will not have to spend time editing or ‘customizing’ templates, do graphic design or learn about complicated digital signage software.

When completed we’ll ship you a ready to use system that simply works:

• AdSlide™ Corporate Communications Digital Signage Software
• All-Inclusive Creative Design & Content Creation
• Industry’s Only Digital Signage Design Guarantee
• Digital Signage Media Player w/ HDMI Cable
• Cloud-Based Digital Signage Content Management (WI-FI)
• Full Training, Set-Up & Configuration
• 12 Month Technical Support
• Live Dedicated Support Specialist

Product Instructions:

It is 4 Easy Steps.

1. Place order.
2. We’ll then setup everything for you and ship you a total solution.
3. Connect the AdSlide™ Media Player to your display or kiosk and WI-FI.
4. Turn it on and you are done! The software with content will automatically load.

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