Loyalty Rewards and Kiosk Training

This 12/21/16 AWS training covers how to setup a kiosk loyalty rewards program within the AppWizard Platform.

Here is a timeline to help you locate specific topics that are covered in this training. The time line is in the format of hour:minutes:seconds into the video from the beginning. It is based on the timeline when viewing the video in Youtube.

There you can see the times on the bottom of the video.
00:00:10 Kerry starts talking
00:00:40 Kerry talks about why December is the busiest month.
00:02:40 Kerry tell us what we’re going to learn tonight
00:06:40 Disclaimer
00:07:15 Beginning of loyalty rewards kiosk training.
00:08:45 Residual income is the key to your success.
00:10:40 Your phone is your way to record profits – use it to demo your products.
00:12:45 Show your clients that all they need to increase their profits is their phone.
00:14:15 When you go out to sell, make sure you know what you are selling and they look good.
00:15:45 Think about it – everyone has a smart phone – they even take it to bed with them!
00:17:30 When they get a text message they automatically pick it up and read it.
00:20:15 Statistic – 60 percent of customers do not come back after their first visit. Why? Because there is no relationship.
00:25:40 How do you keep your customers and retain them? Through engagement and loyalty rewards!
00:26:45 Starbucks example. The first thing they do is ask you your name.
00:28:20 Point of sale programs can change the game for clients.
00:30:10 Beginning of live demo – how to build a loyalty rewards program in the AWS platform.
00:31:00 Note: For this you are not selling an app. You are selling customer engagement and loyalty.
00:32:50 Notice that there is nothing on the face of the app. No phone number or anything.
00:33:35 Settings header.
00:36:30 Content Join Our List
00:40:50 Recommended to disable Allow people to subscribe to your email list and why.
00:42:00 Make sure you set up the Birthday Rewards within these settings.
00:45:10 Content Home Page Landing Page
00:46:50 Styles & Colors
00:50:10 Ideas on how to sell this, for how much, and who to sell it to.
00:53:00 Everything is controlled within the Marketing Platform.
00:53:45 How to manage the messaging and create a residual income. Don’t let them touch it.
00:54:55 Scheduling the messages.
00:57:00 The demo app will be in the Template Club.
00:58:35 How will they track those rewards?
00:59:20 It will be sitting on their cash register counter on a tablet.
01:01:40 Hardware – Cell phone stand on Amazon for .
01:02:50 Hardware – 7 8gb wifi Fire Tablet on Amazon .00
01:09:40 What’s on tap for next week’s training? No training till Jan 4. 2017
 Bundling
 More on residual income
01:13:00 The End

Summary: In this video you learned one of the easiest way to make a setup fee and residual income each and every month and at the same time help businesses retain their customers and bring them in more often. Kerry showed us how we can build the rewards app in about 5 minutes, where to get the hardware, and how to sell it, and for how much to sell it. This is super easy.

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