Kiosk to Retail Convertor [4.55]!

Only install this if you are on 4.50 Kiosk Firmware. Thanks to Psuedo Soldier for the link!

Check Here:

Reverter for 4.6X:

Reverter for 4.55:

Reverter for 4.50:



NOTE: My website gets taken down every once in a while and after so many times I may not be able to get it back. Weebly’s customer support gave it back the first time, and should give it back again. If you cannot purchase anything on my website because of this please contact me via skype!


NOTE: If you are going to add me on Skype or already have please do not spam me. Depending if I am busy or not I will reply. If I don’t reply right away check back in a few hours.

If you have questions related to modding check the “Q&A” section on my website.

1. Q: Please give me a working jailbreak or a password to my jailbreak!

1. A: There is no working jailbreak for 4.XX and there never will be I believe. If you really want to jailbreak check out my videos on that.
2. Q: Can you PLEASE give me (Insert Something Here) FREE! PLEASE I’m BEGGING YOU!

2. A: Sorry, I don’t have enough time to do things for people for free and it helps me out to make a profit. If you want to buy something visit my website.
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