Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk // Vaughan Reed – Director, Labyrinth Solutions

If your aim is to equip your sales team with the best possible tools, then our Interactive Kiosk may be what is needed to ‘step it up a level’. This innovative tool makes selling more seamless and effective by:

» Utilising the power of the big screen to show photos and details displayed in full-size digital brilliance on the kiosk, it is sure to be noticed by anyone that walks through your door.

» Particularly for the Real Estate industries, this kiosk, allows buyers and agents to reduce time spent driving around – the kiosk provides a realistic view and acts as a pre-screening opportunity

Our bespoke Interactive Kiosk Touchscreen features a Commercial LG screen with built-in multi-touch Overlay and Kiosk stand. The LG Commercial 32 or 43 inch screen will fit perfectly on this stand. And the content software is naturally Labyrinths own development using within all of its Digital Signage and Touch Screen Solutions.

This is a great robust pairing of – Screen and Stand – for many internal commercial uses within various industries from Real Estate, Travel agents, Pharmaceutical and Retail.

Filmed live at the LJ Hooker and Harveys National Real Estate Conference 2017, Vaughan Reed from Labyrinth Solutions introduces the Interactive Kiosk.

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