Installation of our New Admissions Kiosk

Please welcome the new state-of-the-art, high-tech, sustainably built admissions kiosk! This marvel of modern construction replaces our old gatehouse as the first stop for Wildflower Center visitors.

The roughly 8 x 14-foot building might be small, but it will pack a lot of enviro-friendly features into its footprint. It will be topped with a green roof that showcases Habiturf™, the low resource-use lawn of native grasses developed by the Center’s Ecosystem Design Group.

The little building is made with corked flooring, recycled steel, Forest Stewardship Council-certified green wood siding and other elements that have been obtained locally. Features include an ADA-accessible admission window and a green wall of native plants watered with condensate from the kiosk’s HVAC unit.

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