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Learn how to use MoneyGram prepaid services to add minutes to domestic and international prepaid mobile phones as often as you like. Visit to find a location near you and start adding minutes and data to your mobile phone.

Adding minutes and data to your mobile phone is easy with MoneyGram. You can top off your own or someone else’s. To get started, visit a MoneyGram location with your ID and the money to top off your phone and to cover the service fee. Please note that you should check with the specific location to see the ID requirements and the hours of operation. Each MoneyGram location is different, look for the MoneyGram sign to get started. Some locations have kiosks, other locations have paper forms that you need to fill out. If you need help, ask one of our helpful agents for assistance. We are always happy to help you. Whether you are using a form or a kiosk, you are going to need to provide the same information. Your full name, carrier name and ID, and the amount you want to add. Once you are done filling out all the required information, go to the cashier to finish your transaction.

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