Check Inn Systems Kiosk

Virtual receptionist cut your operating costs and get back your freedom. Choose from multiple designs – free standing or flush mounting for extra security

Automatic check in with optional check out
Allows customers to check in to room in under 2 minutes
Collect keys for pre-booked rooms
Easy to use intuitive touch screen
Accepts all major debit and credit cards
Optional EFTPOS reader with PCI compliance
Displays photo’s of rooms showing features
Drops room key or key card
Interfaces to our keypad door locks or card writers
Key drop modules 24 & 40 standard, more optional
Allows for after hours pickup of keys
Standard Receipt Printer
Accepts and compiles breakfast orders
Voice assisted instructions
Comprehensive ongoing service and support
Remote management of kiosk is standard


Magnetic or RFID room card writer for electronic door locks
Integration module to property management systems
Bank note and coin acceptor option
High volume printer

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