Cell Phone Charging Kiosk by BrightboxCharge.com

The Brightbox is the perfect addition for your venue.
Some of the features of our secure cell phone charging stations at venues and event rentals.

Additional Options:
Slideshow / Logo / Videos
Interactive polling (Enter to Win, Vote on Best Speaker etc., Newsletter Sign Up, Would you like more information via SMS/Email etc.)
Custom branded cards ( logos on cards, collector cards, coupons or QR code on the card )
Tokenized branded cards (limited use)
Coupon on Screen (unique discount code unique to the unit)
RFID, QRCode Reader, Ibeacons

Heat Map and Stats Included with all rentals

The M3 by Brightbox is a growing platform that will allow you to place media, branded panels, and branded messaging in a unique format that gives a benefit to each guest. Renting a Brightbox allows you to give real “ROI” to your sponsors from coupon delivery to metrics showing on how many guests watched your video or charged a phone at an event.

Brightbox® is a NYC based end-to-end technology company that provides secure, fully connected mobile phone charging stations for life on the go.

For more information on becoming a Brightbox partner, buying or leasing a Brightbox, advertising on our digital signage, or event rentals, please visit us at: http://www.Brightboxcharge.com

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