Touch Screen Kiosk designed by Bclip.

Take a look at the kiosk built by Bclip Productions, for Sonny’s, The Car Wash Factory, live at the International Car Wash Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This video is hosted by Alfred Berlin, CEO as he demonstrates our kiosk capabilities. Discover A Lot More

Touchscreen kiosk intro

В «Русском доме» в Ванкувере открыт офис МегаФона с интерактивным терминалом. Discover A Lot More

Interactive multimedia software for touchscreen kiosks

InfoTouch Professiona is the advanced and flexible solution for self-service touch screen kiosks. Using it you can create multimedia interactive presentations in a very easy and simply way. This software allows you to: – display websites – display Discover A Lot More

JWS Touchscreen Kiosk

The JWS / Command Alkon Touchscreen Kiosk provides unattended vehicle identification, check-in/check-out, tare-in/ticket-out, loader notification, auto load, and allows driver input/verification of load information, purchase order number, trailer Discover A Lot More

Rod Bryan Touch Screen Kiosk (Hit me here for consultation!) This is a touchscreen kiosk program that I desinged for the Texarkana Museum System. I hope to build a lot more of them! Help us caption & translate this video! Discover A Lot More

MBREDC – Touchscreen Kiosk

I built the touchscreen interface with RdyTogo and the Kiosk itself was built by Tyson Signs. The clouds are generated on the fly and respond to touch. “The moving clouds are licensed from the Google Open Source project ROME” Here’s an article on Discover A Lot More

Auschwitz-Birkenau: Touch Screen Kiosk Concept

This was a project for Informational Design at Maryville University. The concept was to create a touch screen kiosk showing events of a topic of our choosing in a linear fashion. I chose to show the horrors one would face at Auschwitz-Birkenau from Discover A Lot More

The Auction Flex Touchscreen Kiosk

This video shows the versatility of the Auction Flex Kiosk. This is an amazing addition to any Auction House and can greatly speed up the check-in process. If you have any questions please contact our support staff. Discover A Lot More

Large Ubuntu Touchscreen at Coastland Mall Naples FL This video was sponsored by: Karl Arvid John Tedesco – Vinay Sud For help: FaceBook: Intro Discover A Lot More

Tritek Kiosk Part 1

Tritek is kiosk company from Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been around for more than 10 years. this kiosk is a touchscreen based electronic payment kiosk, equipped with receipt printer, statement printer and automatic passbook updating machine. you Discover A Lot More

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

Our intouch Interactive Digital Signage Touch Kiosk is designed for areas with heavy footfall providing access to information, entertainment and commerce applications. The touch kiosk comes complete with HDMI / VGA connections allowing you to connect Discover A Lot More

project_one. ‘ kiosk

Made in Photoshop and Flash for a college project, which was a touch screen kiosk for a local cinema. I am a fucking n00b in Flash, but yeah, I’ll learn 😀 made it about 3 days total. enjoy, I guess? Discover A Lot More