How to Start a Kiosk Business

How to Start a Kiosk Business 00:00:45 Method 1 Creating Your Kiosk Business 00:00:53 1 – Decide what you want to sell 00:01:53 2 – Figure out how much space you need 00:02:44 3 – Start small 00:03:24 4 – Hire a staff 00:04:24 5 – Get business insurance 00:04:56 Discover A Lot More

Mall Kiosk Install

This is iCity Repair in Bridgewater Commons Mall in Bridgewater NJ They went from a small cart to a huge kiosk in the period of one night. 9pm-9am Sorry about the camera moving, i dont have an intervelometer and had to do everything manually. Discover A Lot More