Bill payment kiosk – EL CAMPO CC Payment

AdComp Systems Group specializes in self service kiosks & automation and Mobile Surveillance, Tracking and Media Equipment. Lets connect and talk and find a solution together. We would love to understand your needs. We will do our best to help you Discover A Lot More

HP to demo Cosmetic Advisor Kiosk Technology

HP announced that it is adding self-service kiosks to its portfolio to meet the needs of business customers at KioskCom Self Service Expo 2008 in Las Vegas. As one of the example, HP demonstrated ‘Cosmetic Advisor Kiosk Technology’ which can recommend Discover A Lot More

Electronic Kiosk Services – Marble Falls

The Electronic Kiosk promotes local businesses and services like yours from a community hub or core “local” business. We create beautiful high quality advertising images for your business and display them on large HDTV’s in an appropriate local Discover A Lot More

AML Monarch Kiosk

AML Monarch: The Purpose-Built, Enterprise-Class Kiosk That Re-defines The Self-Service Experience. Combining the power of a desktop computer and the user experience of a tablet, the Monarch is the ideal built-for-purpose kiosk designed for retail, Discover A Lot More

Ford & Panasonic Smart Service Kiosk

– To save customers time and make their lives easier, Ford and Panasonic are testing an industry-first all-in-one Smart Service Kiosk. Designed for the outside environment, the kiosk includes key drop-off, payment, and automatic key return – Through Discover A Lot More

What is payment kiosk?

Online Self-Service LEADERS kiosks offering innovative functions 01. Get an eWallet 02. Apply for a virtual or plastic payment card 03. Pay for the services with a touch of your finger 04. Transfer money Innovative payment kiosk opportunities: 1. Discover A Lot More

Iris Biometric Self service Kiosk

Biometric self-service kiosk is an electronic kiosk with an inbuilt biometric scanner (iris, fingerprint, face, etc.) which is used to identify accesses or users. It also includes customizable software to meet unique self-service needs and delivers Discover A Lot More

Self-Service postal kiosk – PostIt

PostIT self-service postal unit is a multi-purpose kiosk that consists of the following basic elements: Advertising roof on all four sides with illuminated fluorescent backlight.canopy with 5 + 5 mm tempered safety glass with foil print with up Discover A Lot More

SAP Mobile ESS Employee Self-Service Kiosk Solution

Preview our SAP Mobile ESS Employee Self-Service Kiosk Solution enabling employees to search the company directory, to maintain own data like contact info, family members, emergency contacts and bank data, entering and maintaining timesheets and Discover A Lot More