‪46 Outdoor Kiosk IP65)‬‏

This new outdoor kiosk solution from Primeview is truly unique. This stand-alone kiosk has a super bright 1500 NITS 46″ LCD as well as embedded heating and cooling systems to allow for all-season reliability. It is IP65 rated and runs at a max of Discover A Lot More

Payment Kiosk – Prescash

JACK – Justified Automated Collections Kiosk JACK is bilingual, JACK works 24×7, JACK has no moods, JACK is always smiling, JACK never asks for a raise, JACK is never late to work… 1, Accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks. 2, Give Discover A Lot More

ideas for outdoor spaces that invite inhabitation

ideas for outdoor spaces that invite inhabitation https://www.facebook.com/zoleesworld/ Music 1. I Don’t See the Branches, I See the Leaves – Chris Zabriskie source: http://chriszabriskie.com/dtv/ 2. I Need to Start Writing Things Down – Chris Zabriskie source: Discover A Lot More

Kiosk-Algonquin PP 2016

When: July 1,2,3 2016 Where: Kiosk-Algonquin Provincial Park (Site 1,2,3,4) What: First Camping Getaway with friends and family Discover A Lot More

盛源精密防水廣告機_Outdoor KIOSK

如果您對本公司產品有興趣,歡迎來電諮詢 If you like our video, please contact with us Rich Source Precision IND., Co., LTD. +886-2-2290-0882 www.csknight.com contact@csknight.com Discover A Lot More

Outdoor digital signs/outdoor information kiosk—Jingruns

1. Size: 21.5″,26″,32″, 42″,46″,55″,65″,70″, 84″; 2. OS: Android, Quad-core,Ram:4GB, Flash:8GB; or Windows 7/8,Processor:I3/I5/I7,Ram:4GB,Hdd:500GB. 3. Function: With wifi, bluetooth, 3G module; touch screen, HD webcam, printer, card-reader,etc. 4. Discover A Lot More

Outdoor Double Sided Totem Kiosk 55″

Part 1 shows the 55″ Outdoor Double Sided Totem Kiosk by ProTechnics – built tough and designed for full outdoor use with airconditioner for keeping LCD panels cool. Take a look at the outside of this quality kiosk – then take a look inside. Part Discover A Lot More

3MP IP camera CCTV Kiosk and Outdoor Video Demo

Good News for Kiosk or Shop Owner ! One PCS CCTV Camera installation is enough ! 1pcs 3MP CCTV Camera is equal to 4pcs 720P Camera ! Watch the video demo here, you will BE AMAZED by the CCTV Recording Quality ! Just Spend RM 599 compare you spend Discover A Lot More