AutoMed Kiosk Walk-Ins

The kiosk allows patients to self-arrive; selecting to wait for a particular or the first available doctor providing them with accurate estimated waiting times Discover A Lot More

The Difference in Kiosks

Knowing the difference between different types of kiosks can be the difference between success and failure for modern dealers. Listen here for more information and request a demo here: Discover A Lot More

Kiosk & Spirit Payment System & Print

The new book2net Kiosk is designed to enable a fast and economic capturing of bounded documents in public areas at Reading rooms in public and academic libraries Companies Banking houses Lawyer´s offices The unique product concept Discover A Lot More

Bill Payment Kiosk

For the past two decades, we have been designing and manufacturing kiosks. TELeasy is a turnkey kiosk manufacturer and kiosk developer. Our expertise include: Kiosk cabinet design, kiosk hardware integration, kiosk software design, kiosk reporting Discover A Lot More

Nintendo NES M-82 con quiosco de pie / Stand-up kiosk

Soy un coleccionista mexicano de videojuegos. Éste es el Nintendo M-82 con quiosco de pie original. El M-82 es una de las unidades de demostración para la Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Aunque las otras unidades que existen son más raras, Discover A Lot More

krlsd ut , Kiosk Remote Laptop Service Drawer System

Kiosk Remote Laptop Service Drawer System is repair of laptops inside a locked drawer KRLSD will be inn a kiosk inside a safe establishment that is open 24/7 near you. inside KRLSD a mapped robot arm makes all the keyboard entry needed to finish Discover A Lot More

Network HD Kiosk Advertising Display SH75 STYLE

SH75 Series is a kind of Network HD Kiosk Advertising Display for 42″,46″ and 55″; support Android 4.2.2 and above system, support infrared touch technology which can achieve image zoom function and multi-point writing; Support WLAN, LAN, 3G(optional); Discover A Lot More

INDUS-KS2/Smart Printer KIOSK/All-in-one KIOSK

게시일: 2016. 3. 22. Industrial Printer Kiosk System 17″ Resistive Touch ,19″ Resistive Touch, 17″ IR Touch , 19″ IR Touch , CPU-D2550/J1900/I3/I5/I7 CPU, Printer – ZT-230, ZT-410 , CL-E720 , TTP-246M, TTP-2410M Scanner -GD-4130, LI-4278 , DS-6878 Discover A Lot More

Kiosk Payment System

The Book2net Kiosk scanner is a revolutionary designed walk-up full colour book scanner designed for use in Library and Archive reading rooms. Intended to more than replace Library photocopiers the Kiosk has a whole host of features to make it easy Discover A Lot More

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 1 Master Setup

This is the first of a series of tutorials describing the Subscriber Kiosk Mailing List Management System for Second Life. This tutorial describes how to set up your Subscriber Kiosk Master. Discover A Lot More

Self Ordering System Kiosk ver 2

This is an updated version now includes picture for every option. This is a light demo of how a customer will enter the orders. The benefits are 1. Get a better upsale and advertise you whole menu thus increasing your revenue. 2. Reduce and or Discover A Lot More

DTG Kiosk With EZ PRO Bag Ink System

The EZ Pro Bag Bulk Ink System Upgrade for the DTG Kiosk I and Kiosk II printers can help your printer lay down a strong, bright white underbase. It uses cartridges, which are more robust than the dampers on the OEM bulk system. It’s also cleaner Discover A Lot More

Inspiration for the Most Advanced Kiosk System Vigix founder Eduardo Alvarez describes the development of the revolutionary technology that led to Vigix. Drawing on his background in engineering and design, Eduardo set out to solve a universal marketplace issue. The solution, Discover A Lot More

Kiosk system Presentation

HASHKIOSK.COM offers a one-stop shop for all your kiosk hardware and software needs. With our unique infrastructure, we are able to offer quality solutions for all your kiosk requirements. Our terminals are state-of-the-art network-based systems Discover A Lot More

KIOSK.ISO – “PSP System Kiosk Disc #3”

This is a dump of a UMD given to various stores, and its full of demos, honestly reminds me of the demo discs from the PS1. Dumped by @CFW_Hype: everything works fine on a Real PSP or PSvita. Discover A Lot More