STK – Safety Training Kiosk

STK is a Safety Training KIOSK. It helps in creating a self-help training program with ease. STK comprises of two components i.e. a touch screen based KIOSK which can be operated by the user through a very user-friendly interface and a software which Discover A Lot More

CBP Global Entry Program – DHS Secretary Uses Kiosk

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, is given a demonstration on how to use the CBP Global Entry Kiosk. Global Entry allows pre-approved, low-risk international travelers expedited entry through CBP at many international airports nationwide. Video by Discover A Lot More

Lock Down Windows and Run Your Kiosk Software

An introduction to Inteset Secure Lockdown – Lock down Windows 7 or 8 to create a virtual embedded environment. Now works with Windows XP. Inteset’s Secure Lockdown™ version 2.0 is perfect for kiosk setups, trade show terminals, libraries, schools, Discover A Lot More

Touch Vending Kiosk Software – E Cig Kiosk

For the past two decades, we have been designing and manufacturing kiosks. TELeasy is a turnkey kiosk manufacturer and kiosk developer. Our expertise include: Kiosk cabinet design, kiosk hardware integration, kiosk software design, kiosk reporting Discover A Lot More

Setting up Retropie on a Raspberry Pi 3 for an Arcade Cabinet

In this video we will go over the process of installing RetroPie onto a Raspberry Pi 3, configuring an NES (USB remake) gamepad, and installing a Super Mario Bros game. To find out more and go further in-depth read the article on PRODUCTS Discover A Lot More

Fujifilm Imagine Kiosk Software Demonstration

James Saldanha from Fujifilm Australia takes us through the Fujifilm Imagine platform, a fully integrated photo solution for kiosk, online and mobile that engages customers at their creative core. The same familiar user friendly interface of Imagine Discover A Lot More