WMAD promotional kiosk

Dynamic technology designed for Class I, II & III casinos. Compatible with player loyalty and stand alone reward loyalty systems. Discover A Lot More

Cubes – Marketing All Angles – Kiosk

A new marketing channel that will open doors for entrepreneurs world wide that offer high end consumer goods. Cost effective marketing at a fraction of the cost. visit www.InTheCubes.com for more info. Coming soon to a retail center near you!! Discover A Lot More

How to sell the loyalty Rewards Kiosk

This 02/01/17 AWS training covers how to sell the Rewards Kiosk, how to create mockup screenshots of the Kiosk, and how to use the ROI Calculator. Here is a timeline to help you locate specific topics that are covered in this training. The time line Discover A Lot More

Retail, Promotional & Marketing Kiosk

Choose from our wide selection of kiosk models to advertise, promote and market your business. Give guests access to sign up for loyalty cards, educate, provide awareness, fill out surveys and more. Pair a kiosk with our Lobby Attendant kiosk software Discover A Lot More

i2, Elite Marketing and Interactive Kiosk

The i2 Kiosk is the perfect tool for kiosk marketing and kiosk promoting. The i2 is a 6-foot-tall self-service kiosk, built with two 32″ LCD monitors, and a 46″ LCD monitor, designed to engage your customers. Provide education, promote products and Discover A Lot More