PIA Information Kiosk Launching

Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Cebu Information Center launches the PIA Information Kiosk on May 31 at the Cebu Port Authority, Terminal 1, Cebu City with Cebu City Vice Mayor Edgardo C. Labella and officials of Cebu Port Authority (CPA) Manager Discover A Lot More

Advanced Kiosks: Lobby Elite Kiosk

Welcome your guests the the exclusive, interactive Lobby Elite Kiosk. This kiosk provides valuable information such as; local attractions, conference room locations, current weather conditions, RSS feeds, restaurant and spa specials, building maps, Discover A Lot More

Kiosk Machine

A kiosk machine is a small and independent structure that stands out and is used for selling merchandise and marketing a particular service. Check this link http://www.kiosksinc.com right here for more information on Kiosk Machine. Kiosks usually Discover A Lot More

Information Kiosk

Globus Information Kiosk is the easiest way to share information hiding the technical details and working process of an application. Discover A Lot More

BT Kiosk Version 1

Brindley Technologies is a Systems Integrator company which provides IT Services & Consultancy Services, Data Stack Cloud Data Center Services and Product Engineering directly as well as through their partner network wordwide. Brindley Technologies Discover A Lot More

Flo in Utrecht and Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Just one month apart Utrecht and Eindhoven in the Netherlands started a trial with an information kiosk to guide people to a green light at the intersection ahead. Its name is Flo. More information in the blog post: https://bicycledutch.wordpress.com/?p=12265 Discover A Lot More

The Page 2 Video Kiosk

The Page 2 Video Kiosk is a high quality freestanding video presentation and communications solution. For more information, visit http://page2.com.au/videokiosk.php Discover A Lot More

Bangkok Airport Information Kiosk

So advanced!! It’s super cool to have this in any airport. Saw this during my return to Singapore on my Bangkok trip 15 Sept to 19 Sept 2011. The information kiosk is so futuristic I had to video it down to show my software team. The system was Discover A Lot More