Designing a Modular Kiosk

The modularity of the design allows it to be disassembled and reconfigured per whim. The most obvious benefit being the wide degree of flexibility and adaptability that makes this design cross-contextual and long lasting. With varying degrees of Discover A Lot More

JFS Design Group – Royale 10×10 Kiosk

JFS Design Group – Designer and producers of custom kiosk, stores, & mall carts this is a 10’x10′ Mall Kiosk Produced for Royale USA. All drawings and rendering are sole propriety of JFS Design Group. Duplication in whole or in part while not be Discover A Lot More

quub kiosk design sketches

We’re looking into ways to design a sustainable kiosk for distributing your presence updates to specific locations. Here’s some of the ideas we’re batting around. Discover A Lot More

LORANZA-KIOSK-Jimi Mall-Al Ain-2015

LORANZA-KIOSK-Jimi Mall-Al Ain-2015 Owner Name: Mr. Ali Al Nuaimi Location: Jimi Mall, Al Ain, U.A.E. Project Type : KIOSK Project Area: 5 m² Project cost: 35,000 AED Work Type: Design, Fitouts & Decoration CCG- CREATIVE CONCEPTS GROUP-Interior Discover A Lot More

Kiosk Designer

We are Freelance Kiosk Designer that provide interior and exterior design for kiosks. Good and convenience user experience is significance for the success of a self service kiosk. More than any other application, a kiosk success very much depends Discover A Lot More

FOOD STRATEGY Pulp Juice Bar | kiosk designs

Pulp sandwich and health bar is located in the Stockland shopping centre Rockhampton. Designing this small footprint kiosk ‘squeezed’ maximum output into a minimal footprint of space. Stocklands required full construction standards plans in addition Discover A Lot More

Energy Kiosk Design Project

Summative Assignment 3: Design Project Video Presentation For SEB121 – Engineering Practice Script by Chris Dobell & Simpson Munjeri, Voice Over By Chris Dobell, Video Editing By Chris Dobell. Discover A Lot More