KPilar Kiosk Premium Unit by MDKS Kiosk

All Polished Stainless Steel Pedestal Style Kiosk for the Elite. The quality and workmanship handed down to be exercised, enhanced and prepared for the next generation… we love it, live for it, seek it thru challenge and innovation. Sit-Down or Discover A Lot More

EZY Kiosk Stand

kiosk enclosure, kiosk stand, tablet stand, secure tablet stand, secure tablet enclosure, tablet kiosk, Discover A Lot More

Open Dental Webinar- Kiosk

Learn how to use the Kiosk feature within the Open Dental program to allow patients to fill out forms at a designated computer or tablet in your office. Overview – What the Kiosk feature is – What needs to be done prior to using the Kiosk Kiosk Discover A Lot More

How to turn your iPad into a Kiosk using Guided Access | Turn your iPad into a powerful customer interaction tool, by using the new Guided Access features found in iOS6. You can lock out the entire screen or just parts of the screen to restrict Discover A Lot More

Where Did The Term Kiosk Come From?

Kiosks were common in persia, the indian subcontinent, and ottoman empire from 13th century onward an interactive kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware software that threats to reliability come vulnerabilities hacking, allowing Discover A Lot More

Android Kiosk Demo with Google Chrome

We provision an Android tablet using our Blue Agent Writer app and an NFC tag, then launch directly into kiosk mode running the Google Chrome browser. We can adapt this demonstration for your needs. Discover A Lot More

Computer kiosk in villages helps learning

Slovoville township, near Johannesburg/Pretoria, South Africa – May 2005 Slovoville township 1. Wide shot Slovoville township 2. Mid shot of man walking in Slovoville township 3. Tight shot cutaway kids playing 4. Wide shot workers carrying Discover A Lot More


The new Gift Kiosk has been designed to provide a complete photo gift solution for retailers, offering services such as instant prints, personalised calendars, ID photos and unique album designs and print services. Print sizes include 4″x6″, 5″x7″ Discover A Lot More

Use SongbookDB as a Kiosk

0:00 What is a kiosk? 0:25 What the public see 0:54 What the DJ/KJ sees 1:16 Setting up computer 1 to receive requests 1:43 Setting up computer 2 to send requests (kiosk computer) Discover A Lot More

AUB Kiosk (Video 2)

CMPS 299 – Final Year Project Project: AUB Kiosk Team: Sarah Fakhoury, Ines Badji, Samer Al Masri Advisor: Prof. Ahmad Dhaini Discover A Lot More

Raspberry Pi based AZ15 Computer in ZX81 Kiosk Mode

There are many ways to boot a Pi into a Kiosk like mode, I’ve gone with one of the easiest and simply hijacked the pre-existing Openbox Xsession on a default Raspbian Jessie installation. Discover A Lot More