How to use Tabbed Browsing for your Kiosk

Does tabbed browsing make sense for your kiosk application? KioWare for Android, as well as KioWare for Windows version 8.0 and newer, support tabbed browsing. In KioWare for Android, open the configuration tool and tap on the Browser tab. Tap Discover A Lot More

RaspberryPi full screen real time Google Analytics on boot

– Create a RT Analytics widget on (public URL) – Install Chromium on Raspbian: sudo apt-get install chromium-browse – Edit Auto Start: sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart – Add: @/usr/bin/chromium-browser –kiosk –start-maximized Discover A Lot More

Create a Public Kiosk in Ubuntu 16.04 easily

This tutorial shows how to create a public kiosk with Ubuntu 16.04 by customizing the guest account. I used this article a lot List of commands: sudo mkdir /etc/guest-session sudo ln -s /home/guest Discover A Lot More

Web-Kiosk Ubuntu 14.04

Web-kiosks uz Ubuntu 14.04 bāzes. Chromium pārlūks. Mazliet vairāk: Instalācijas apraksts: Discover A Lot More

Kronos – Hourly Employee Clock In

Welcome! The Office of Human Resource Services and the Office of Information Technology have worked together to roll out our automated time tracking system for hourly employees called Kronos. This video tutorial will review the process for hourly Discover A Lot More

How to enable printing in Firefox with R-kiosk (rkiosk)

This video shows you how to enable printing in the Firefox with Add-on R-Kiosk installed. The two changes I make to the prefs.js file are: user_pref(“browser.fullscreen.autohide”,false); user_pref(“rkiosk.navbar”, true); prefs.js can be found at Discover A Lot More

Hvordan låser man Kiosk Browser

I denne videoguide kan du blive klogere på hvordan du låser App´en “Pronestor Browser Kiosk.” Fantastisk dag til alle. Venlig hilsen Rasmus Byriel Andersen. Discover A Lot More

Install Secure Browser

How to Install Secure Browser for Smarter Balance Assessment Test: 1. Log into the owner account on the Chromebook. – The best way to determine if you are logged into the owner account is to open Chrome — Click the 3 parallel bars settings button Discover A Lot More

LTSP as chrome kiosk test stage 1

Toshiba NB500 as LTSP PXE booting client, running xubuntu, auto login and running google-chrome browser in incognito full screen mode. Closing browser causes x session to restart looping back to fresh instance of incognito browser. Giving a Chrome Discover A Lot More