Stand digital kiosk/indoor information kiosk—Jingruns

1. Size: 21.5″,26″,32″, 42″,46″,55″,65″,70″, 84″; 2. OS: Android, Quad-core,Ram:4GB, Flash:8GB; or Windows 7/8,Processor:I3/I5/I7,Ram:4GB,Hdd:500GB. 3. Function: With wifi, bluetooth, 3G module; touch screen, HD webcam, printer, card-reader,etc. 4. Discover A Lot More

Durable, Reliable Transit Kiosk

The Transit Kiosk is the most durable kiosk on the market today. Seen in subway stations, rest areas, and tourist information centers, the Transit Kiosk is built with 14-gauge steel construction with the optional 1/2 inch Plexiglas monitor protect-ant. Discover A Lot More

City Hall Information Kiosk

The Hart-Wijdekop wedding announcement is up on the City Hall kiosk. A wedding waiting to happen, at 2 p.m., February 5, 2010, in Gorinchem, Netherlands. Discover A Lot More

DePaul CDM new kiosk UI walkthrough

A quick walkthrough of the new interface for the DePaul University CDM information kiosks. You can see these kiosks in action in the first floor of the CDM building in downtown Chicago. Inspired by Metro UI, built in WPF. This is a full 1080p screen Discover A Lot More

“SchedulesPlus” – KIOSK (3 of 4)

SchedulesPlus is a low-cost, web-based software product used by non-profits & any business needing to manage memberships, activity registration, volunteer tracking, donations, payments, mailing lists, reporting, room reservations, and more. It Discover A Lot More

ALICE Receptionist Information Kiosk Examples

Alice Receptionist video that demonstrates ways in which an ALICE Receptionist kiosk can be use to provide information to building visitors. Including 1. Company Information 2. Interactive Maps 3. Online Payments 4. Ground Transportation example 5. Discover A Lot More