Kiosk Apps Make Customer Engagement Easy Engage your customers with Kiosks that everyone loves. Mr Chambers ipad kiosks are the simplest and most effective way to gather and report valuable insights about your visitors. With a one time setup, our kiosks are Discover A Lot More

Android Kiosk Mode – inovex projects – – Android bietet sich durch seine Quelloffenheit für die Impelentierung von öffentlichen Informationssystemen, Terminals und interaktiven Displays an. Wir haben eine Custom ROM entwickelt, die zu diesem Discover A Lot More

Fellowd: Turn your iPad into a Kiosk

Turn your iPad into a kiosk to communicate directly with your clients or visits to your event using Fellowd. Select the tools and start using them immediately, no programming Discover A Lot More

Mobile Business Card /Kiosk Setup Training Part 1

02/11/17 AWS Special Kiosk Setup Training Part 1 This 02/11/17 AWS training is specific to creating a Mobile Business Card and Kiosk app from start to finish. Here is a timeline to help you locate specific topics that are covered in this training. Discover A Lot More

Mobile iPad Kiosk App | ArmorActive has come out with simple, easy to use app that allows you to turn your iPad into a mobile kiosk. Whether you want the iPad to display product information or collect surveys this Discover A Lot More