Smog Spotter 1

Have you seen a car or truck spewing a cloud of smoke into the air? It’s not only bad for the environment, it’s bad for every Nevadan’s health. Be a Smog Spotter and report smoking vehicles. Discover A Lot More

Can I Renew My Drivers License At AAA In California?

You can also grab some free. Html url? Q webcache. Googleusercontent searchchange ownership; Order personalized plates you can make a dmv appointment by calling 1 800 777 0133 during business hours or skip the dmv, visit select aaa northern ca, nevada, Discover A Lot More

Georgia Tag Kiosk

A fast and easy way to renew your license plates and walk away with your tags! Learn more and find a location nearest you at Discover A Lot More

Wodify Self Service Point of Sale

Wondering what to do next? (1) Lookout for an email from us on Wednesday (2) Think about what your retail device for this feature should be should be (iPad, tablet, laptop, etc.) (3) Train your coaches to direct your athletes to Self Service Point Discover A Lot More

McCrory: Check out the new DMV

Gov. Pat McCrory lauds a series of customer service improvements recently or soon to be rolled out at NCDMV offices. Self-service kiosks, for one, are meant to trim those roundly disliked wait times. Discover A Lot More

self paying kiosk

Self-service payment kiosk manufacturer; self-ordering terminal Contact person: Rita Yang Skype: hunghui-rita Cell /WhatsAPP: +86- 134 1074 1779 Email: Discover A Lot More

Self-service kiosk “SIMKOMAT V 5.0” (inside)

Simkomat’s availability and simplicity of use encourages customers to purchase new services on the spot. Unlike conventional customer journey, where buyers have to wait for the opening hours, travel to shops and talk to sales people, simkomat sales Discover A Lot More

DMV in a Box

DMV Director Bruce Breslow shows off new ‘DMV in a Box’ kiosks while Governor Brian Sandoval touts the department’s iPhone app. Commercial airing in 2012. Discover A Lot More

self service terminals design for all

ομαδική εργασία για το μάθημα “Σχεδίαση για Όλους” με θέμα το wayfiding και τη σχεδίαση self service terminals σε δημόσιους χώρους με βάση προδιαγραφές Discover A Lot More

Self-Service terminal

Information and Library Assistant Natasha Pivnenko shows you how to use the self-service terminal to issue and return books. Discover A Lot More

DMV at the CA State Fair 2016

Where can you mix business with pleasure? The DMV booth at the California State Fair​! Our DMV Now self-service terminal right there in Building C allows you to pay your fees and get your stickers instantly! Plus, have your questions answered so Discover A Lot More