Advanced Kiosks: Laser Kiosk

The Laser Kiosk is a modern, durable kiosk designed to provide computer use for your customers. This kiosk is built to house two users, and a full-size laser printer. This can be either a stand-up or sit-down kiosk.We provide an included software Discover A Lot More

24 Hour Ford Smart Service Kiosk

We’ve all been there: You’re in a rush, need to drop off your vehicle for a service appointment, and upon arriving at the dealership, you realize a half-dozen other customers are already in line ahead of you. This scenario is one example of Discover A Lot More

Sales Event TrafficTracker™ Kiosk by Radar Beacon 1. Professionalism: Kiosk brings an air of sophistication that just a prize banner cannot. 2. Bonding and Rapport: Brings customers inside the dealership and controls the customer Discover A Lot More

Moving Menu Kiosk

1. First; Customers could get their queue number via Mobile Applications or from the Kiosk placed outside the restaurant. 2. Then they will receive a Notifications or SMS on the Queue Statues. 3. Customers will constantly receive statues updates Discover A Lot More

CityGro Kiosk Explainer Video

Businesses who communicate well with their customers are 3 times more profitable than business who don’t. CityGro helps businesses boost revenue through more efficient, automated communication with their leads and customers. Using an attractive Discover A Lot More

Livegate – Interactive Face-2-Face Kiosk by EMSE

LiveGate® is a new era in customer services concept ! LiveGate® is a real-time, interactive media for live customer support ! Visit or for details. See and speak to your clients face-2-face, real time. Even if they Discover A Lot More