Endless Aisle Kiosk

Retail today is challenged with smaller footprints and reduced physical inventory. Utilizing the Endless Aisle Kiosk, retailers can carry less stock, increase product assortments without occupying valuable floor space and elevate the customer experience. Discover A Lot More

Revel iPad POS – Access Kiosk Settings

Revel iPad POS – Access Kiosk Settings 415-413-0305 http://www.revelsystems.com Managers and owners can access the settings for a Revel Systems iPad POS Customer Facing Kiosk using the hidden backdoor Discover A Lot More

VendaVolt 24 Cashless Central Payment Car Wash Kiosk

The VendaVolt 24 replaces the older USA Technologies magnetic stripe terminals that were installed in parallel with each of the Car Wash coin payment devices. The VendaVolt 24 Central Cashless Payment Kiosk permits vending 1 – 24 different devices Discover A Lot More

Interactive Kiosk

We make your business more digital with our kiosk! We customized our kiosks according to your request Database Collection Directory Enhance Customer Experience Improve Customer Service Quality Anything!!! Discover A Lot More

Self-Serve Kiosks Go Mainstream

생활 속 파고드는 무인형 매장 Now we’ll take a look one huge way Korea’s been making use of touchscreen technology to make our lives easier — the digital kiosks seen at movie theaters, restaurants, banks and more. It wasn’t long ago Discover A Lot More

Links Group Fitness Kiosk

Our most popular model, this kiosk can be placed near group fitness rooms, in customer change rooms, or after turnstile entry. Members simply visit the kiosk, scan their card or touch their RFID data carrier and they are displayed the classes that Discover A Lot More

Mobile Business Card /Kiosk Setup Training Part 2

02/11/17 AWS Special Kiosk Setup Training – Part 2 This 02/11/17 AWS training is Part 2 of the special training on setting up the Mobile Business Card and Loyalty Rewards Kiosk from start to finish. Here is a timeline to help you locate specific Discover A Lot More

Fort Delaware Kiosk

Ready to go except 1) the touchscreen needs to have the wood-pattern wrap modified. Apparently bad things happen to touchscreens overnight when you mess with how it interfaces with the bezel. 2) banner needs install – submitting for customer’s approval. Discover A Lot More

Showroom Floor iPad Kiosk

http://tinyurl.com/cvbfpdm This stunning Showroom Floor Display is available for Apple iPad (original and iPad 2) and is customisable for the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Xoom and many other tablets. Sleek, sturdy and elegant design puts an interactive Discover A Lot More

Advanced Kiosks: Laser Kiosk

The Laser Kiosk is a modern, durable kiosk designed to provide computer use for your customers. This kiosk is built to house two users, and a full-size laser printer. This can be either a stand-up or sit-down kiosk.We provide an included software Discover A Lot More

24 Hour Ford Smart Service Kiosk

We’ve all been there: You’re in a rush, need to drop off your vehicle for a service appointment, and upon arriving at the dealership, you realize a half-dozen other customers are already in line ahead of you. This scenario is one example of Discover A Lot More

Sales Event TrafficTracker™ Kiosk by Radar Beacon

http://www.radarbeacon.com/New-used-car-mailer-promo-event.htm 1. Professionalism: Kiosk brings an air of sophistication that just a prize banner cannot. 2. Bonding and Rapport: Brings customers inside the dealership and controls the customer Discover A Lot More

Moving Menu Kiosk

1. First; Customers could get their queue number via Mobile Applications or from the Kiosk placed outside the restaurant. 2. Then they will receive a Notifications or SMS on the Queue Statues. 3. Customers will constantly receive statues updates Discover A Lot More

CityGro Kiosk Explainer Video

Businesses who communicate well with their customers are 3 times more profitable than business who don’t. CityGro helps businesses boost revenue through more efficient, automated communication with their leads and customers. Using an attractive Discover A Lot More

Livegate – Interactive Face-2-Face Kiosk by EMSE

LiveGate® is a new era in customer services concept ! LiveGate® is a real-time, interactive media for live customer support ! Visit www.emse.com.tr or www.emse.ae for details. See and speak to your clients face-2-face, real time. Even if they Discover A Lot More