Your Wireless Home – Kiosk Video #2

Aimed at consumers who already have a wireless network at home but want to upgrade to maximize productivity (for wireless printing, sharing Web access, pictures, etc.). Placed in select Best Buy stores in Southern California. Discover A Lot More

Lesson Plan Kiosk Video Introduction

Lesson Plan Kiosk would like to invite you to become a charter member with our newly launched site at Lesson Plan Kiosk allows educators to buy, sell, and share teaching resources with one another online while earning royalties Discover A Lot More

Mini Hand Style Breaks vol. 1

Mini Hand Style Breaks vol. 1 by Dj Ritch & Spankbass Kiosk Records 7″ scratch record orange vinyl color kiosk Records buy at Discover A Lot More

My Nintendo Wii U Kiosk From Gamestop – Okchief420

Thanks to my friend Damian H. I was able to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii U Kiosk from Gamestop To help support the show please visit my Patreon To buy a Okchief420 T-Shirt just click on the link below novels! Okchief420’s Discover A Lot More

Buying a ticket at the Muvico kiosk

One of the worst user experiences I’ve had in recent history. Takes a full minute to get to the point where I can swipe a credit card if I make “mistakes” and it’s so slow that I’m dying to see the code to understand just what in the heck they’re Discover A Lot More

How To Buy a Laundry Card at the Reload Kiosk

This instructional video will outline the process of purchasing a new laundry card at the TechTrex Reload Kiosk. Please note that only some locations have a kiosk that supports this feature. If you have further questions or concerns, please call Discover A Lot More

Tested: We Buy a Bitcoin!

Here’s the follow-up from our Bitcoin nightmare saga: Driven by curiosity, Will and Norm do something incredibly foolish while at SXSW: they buy a Bitcoin from an Discover A Lot More

Nintendo Switch Kiosk at Best Buy

“WHAT’S IN THE BOX” 0:06 “PLAY MODES” 1:10 “GAME TRAILERS” 2:53 “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” “SYSTEM OVERVIEW” 3:37 empty shelf 4:50 Best Buy installed a Nintendo Switch Kiosk in preparation for the March 3, 2017 console launch. Check Discover A Lot More