Client: Canary Wharf Group PLC Design: Make Architects Design Development: Studio Lameek ( In conjunction with: Manufacture: Environmental Technology Limited Discover A Lot More

Cedar Point kiosk user interface design demo

Cedar Point kiosk user interface design demo, designed by Austin Richter, Graphic & Interactive Design student, Department of Art, Youngstown State University. 2014. Professor RJ Thompson, Motion for Interactive Design Discover A Lot More

Donkey Kong 64 Kiosk: Early and unused rooms

Remember that brief clip in early footage showing off Mad Jack with a completely different design? Yeah, that room is in here. Props to TCRF for finally making the codes necessary to pull off what Runehero did in his initial video, and to Runehero Discover A Lot More

kiosk design

Our kiosk designs come from creative design backgrounds, with a wide range of professional architecture experiences. Discover A Lot More

Aarna Kiosk

AARNA Kiosks offers a full array of kiosk solutions: your options range from relatively simple informational kiosks to full-service financial kiosks capable of completing ATM transactions, bill payment, wire transfers, and other various functions. Our Discover A Lot More

Great kiosk and exhibition stands in Dubai

High quality and very attractive kiosks and exhibition stand custom made in Dubai. Attention to details makes us one of the best design companies in Dubai UAE. Contact us for a quote, call + 971 4 3404287 Visit our website for more information: Discover A Lot More