CALine – A User Centric Interface Kiosk Design

Pitch for investor
For California High-Speed Rail Authority and its travelers

Presented by: Sonia Ghazali
Voice Over: Hammad Ghazali

Final M.A Design Management Project

CALine Interactive Kiosk:
Today, the travel market is characterized by competition and flexibility due to increasing options for the passengers. Consequently, the travel industry is under increasing pressure to improve their consumer experience and increase revenue opportunities, while reducing operational expenses. Additionally, with the introduction of customer-sensitive and interactive-media terminals, face-to-face interactions are slowly giving way to face-to-interface interactions. To engage customers effectively, capture revenue, and maintain customer loyalty, we must provide a compelling experience that includes up-to-date information and relevant services in the way the customer wants to receive them.
Interactive CALine self-service technology is designed to give California High-speed rail travelers a one-stop novel interaction and richer experience at different touch points throughout their journey and guide them to make more informed decisions.
The Kiosk is designed not only to enhance travelers overall experience but also creates a potential for CHSR to bring a significant return on investment (ROI).
Whether it is a commuter, business traveler, holiday maker, tourist or even someone who just needs of information; CALine interactive Kiosk provides “Better, Faster and Smarter” solutions to travelers in the state of California.
CALine Interactive Kiosk concept relies on efficiency and technology to gain advantage in marketing, sales and client servicing in high speed rail business.

Before the California High Speed Rail is fully operational the Kiosk can help meet the following goals:

1. Enhance BRAND awareness and market new rail service in California
2. Keep the masses up to date on its current and future projects
3. Generate revenue through offline and online advertisement
4. Extend market reach by strategic placement with prospects of targeting a wide variety of users.

Once CHSR is fully functional, the kiosk will:
5. Ensure round the clock service while nullifying the need for human presence
6. Encourage self service, giving users the freedom to choose and power to decide
7. Reduce work load and cost of manning ticket and information counters
8. Target customers by focusing on user-based customized information
9. Personalize assistance with live video support and co-browsing with the agent
10. Cross-sell and Up-sell to increase the value of the service

These ideas represent just few ways CALine interactive kiosks can be used strategically to add to users’ overall travel experience and give them more confidence in the rail system in the United State.

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