Bose QC15 Unboxing – At the Airport!

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Welcome to my impromptu airport unboxing of the Bose QC15. These headphones were purchased at the Best Buy Express at Toronto Pearson Intl Airport (my first gadget purchase made through a vending machine!).

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  1. Andrew Gray

    I have been looking all over to see how the machine offers geeksquad coverage. How do you select coverage?

  2. Edward Feng

    This thing is extremely overpriced at the airport. BestBuy is just trying to take advantage of those passengers.

  3. Train Man

    I'm watching on jbl Everest elite 300

  4. Juan Salinas

    thanks for the video… i could see your left leg is pointing more openly than the right one… use the foam roller and roll your pelvis of left side… or look for a good chiropractor

  5. Siddhesh Sawant

    my time was 4 .02 when he said 4.02 and i just bought bose qc 35 …. strange af !

  6. ICANanimations

    and then you missed you flight…

  7. Jay kay

    listening to this with beats studio 2.0

  8. Black The Supreme God

    run of the mill brand? is this guy retarded?

  9. Ben Dunn

    They aren't overpriced if you want noise cancellation as a priority …


    Run of the mill headphones dude bose are one of the best headphone makers

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