Restored Atari Jaguar Kiosk

This is an Atari Jaguar kiosk that I purchased in 2015. I had to add a monitor and speakers, and replace the missing box cards from the sides. I have Aliens vs. Predator in it in this video. Discover A Lot More

It’s Goin’ Down (From “Descendants 2”)

Watch Descendants 2 on the Disney Channel! Watch all Descendants music videos here: Descendants 2 soundtrack is available now: Download: Streaming: Follow Discover A Lot More

Kiosk & Spirit Payment System & Print

The new book2net Kiosk is designed to enable a fast and economic capturing of bounded documents in public areas at Reading rooms in public and academic libraries Companies Banking houses Lawyer´s offices The unique product concept Discover A Lot More

Neue Angebote auf (KW 8/2015)

Einzelhefte versandkostenfrei bestellen unter Diese Woche neu auf AUSTROPACK 2/2015 E-Paper, BALLESTERER 99/2015, BEADWORK / USA 3/2015, BLICK SUDOKU 110/2015, ELLE / GB 3/2015, EVENT ROOKIE 2/2015, FOUR Discover A Lot More