Selfie Mirror Interactive Photo Booth

SelfieMIR is a State of the Art-Touchscreen 65 inch Two way Selfie Mirror with Social Media Photo Imager. SelfieMIR is powered by a 42” LED Touchscreen Display for Branding, Promotions, Instructions, Videos, Photo Gallery and LIVE VIEW. Guest can Discover A Lot More

Set Up A Kiosk Presentation in PowerPoint 2016

In PowerPoint we can easily create a Self-Running Presentation in order to communicate our information without the need of a presenter. We can set up the Presentation in order to run unattended in a kiosk, a booth or a convention. We can also make Discover A Lot More

Can I Renew My Drivers License At AAA In California?

You can also grab some free. Html url? Q webcache. Googleusercontent searchchange ownership; Order personalized plates you can make a dmv appointment by calling 1 800 777 0133 during business hours or skip the dmv, visit select aaa northern ca, nevada, Discover A Lot More

Standalone kiosk application for filigranes

Standalone application developed for the well-known filigranes library in Brussels, running on iPad and using the eID. The application allows customers to check for their loyalty account, subscribe to newsletter and manage their list of interests. Discover A Lot More