Check Inn Systems Kiosk

Virtual receptionist cut your operating costs and get back your freedom. Choose from multiple designs – free standing or flush mounting for extra security Automatic check in with optional check out Allows customers to check in to room in Discover A Lot More

How to assemble WindFall Kiosk | Heckler Design

How to assemble WindFall Kiosk. Place information and interactivity anywhere—beautifully with our tablet kiosk for iPad, Surface and Android devices. Far too often tablet kiosks are obtrusive, ugly, or made with consumer-grade materials. WindFall Discover A Lot More

Video Looper App for iPad and iPhone – ArmorActive | Turn your iPad into a simple and powerful ad sharing tool with the help of the video Looper App. The App does what it says it does, it loops video in a seamless fashion. It can be used to Discover A Lot More