The Best Tanzanian Food I Have Ever Eaten at Grace Shop

For incredible home cooked Tanzanian food in Dar Es Salaam, you should go to Grace Shop. Details here While I was in Dar Es Salaam, Discover A Lot More

Custom Mall Kiosk –

Mall Kiosks are an excellent option for businesses that have items to deliver to the public, but don’t want to operate their own retail space, or don’t have the amount of inventory that it would take to make such an expensive rental venture worthwhile. Discover A Lot More

AirTurn at Macworld/iWorld 2014 Conference

AirTurn TV host Hugh Sung presents the AirTurn kiosk at the 2014 Macworld convention’s Appalooza section in San Francisco’s Moscone Center North building. Check out the latest offerings from AirTurn, including the updated Manos Mount with the new Discover A Lot More

Showroom Floor iPad Kiosk This stunning Showroom Floor Display is available for Apple iPad (original and iPad 2) and is customisable for the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Xoom and many other tablets. Sleek, sturdy and elegant design puts an interactive Discover A Lot More

DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Game Console (Part 1)

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