ACM Phone Charging Station / Kiosk Demo

ACMs, or Automated Charging Machines, are media stations that charge a wide variety of mobile devices, all in less than 10 minutes. These stations have an LCD screen and a billboard, for targeted marketing. ACMs can be found in areas such as airports, Discover A Lot More

Supermarket Sushi

Sushi will always be a viable business inside any metropolitan supermarket. Where it really wasn’t long ago when you could only visit your favorite go-to sushi restaurant to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner, these fast-food kiosks are popping up everywhere, Discover A Lot More

HP to demo Cosmetic Advisor Kiosk Technology

HP announced that it is adding self-service kiosks to its portfolio to meet the needs of business customers at KioskCom Self Service Expo 2008 in Las Vegas. As one of the example, HP demonstrated ‘Cosmetic Advisor Kiosk Technology’ which can recommend Discover A Lot More