Self-Service Kiosks in China

This video shows the abundance of self-service kiosks that are popping up in China. The vending machines and train ticket machines are frequently used. The movie ticket and hospital check-in kiosks are less used. Discover A Lot More

KPilar Kiosk Premium Unit by MDKS Kiosk

All Polished Stainless Steel Pedestal Style Kiosk for the Elite. The quality and workmanship handed down to be exercised, enhanced and prepared for the next generation… we love it, live for it, seek it thru challenge and innovation. Sit-Down or Discover A Lot More

Mall of America Network LCD kiosk

To develop a 100 unit digital display network for the Mall of America that in addition to providing way-finding and relevant consumer information would be an advertising platform – this 3D simulation is to provide the client the differing design Discover A Lot More

Why Properties Prefer Luxer One

Call (415) 390-0123 or email and we’ll show you how Luxer One can completely solve the package management problem for residential properties! Our two solutions, Luxer Lockers & Luxer Room, serve properties of every size and budget. Discover A Lot More

Lockdown mobile devices into Kiosk Mode with SureLock

SureLock offers a quick and easy way to lockdown off-the-shelf mobile devices. Tablets, Smartphones, or even full desktop computers can be used as dedicated purpose devices. Watch our new video – Discover A Lot More

EZY Kiosk Stand

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