Mall of America Network LCD kiosk

To develop a 100 unit digital display network for the Mall of America that in addition to providing way-finding and relevant consumer information would be an advertising platform – this 3D simulation is to provide the client the differing design Discover A Lot More

Why Properties Prefer Luxer One

Call (415) 390-0123 or email and we’ll show you how Luxer One can completely solve the package management problem for residential properties! Our two solutions, Luxer Lockers & Luxer Room, serve properties of every size and budget. Discover A Lot More

Lockdown mobile devices into Kiosk Mode with SureLock

SureLock offers a quick and easy way to lockdown off-the-shelf mobile devices. Tablets, Smartphones, or even full desktop computers can be used as dedicated purpose devices. Watch our new video – Discover A Lot More

EZY Kiosk Stand

kiosk enclosure, kiosk stand, tablet stand, secure tablet stand, secure tablet enclosure, tablet kiosk, Discover A Lot More


The Dawning is almost here! New info! NEW LOOT: Here’s how I capture my gameplay: Join my BAND: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FOLLOW Discover A Lot More

Installation of our New Admissions Kiosk

Please welcome the new state-of-the-art, high-tech, sustainably built admissions kiosk! This marvel of modern construction replaces our old gatehouse as the first stop for Wildflower Center visitors. The roughly 8 x 14-foot building might be small, Discover A Lot More